About Me

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and review my blog, sermons and videos. I hope you will find something encouraging, uplifting and strengthening as you explore my site.

I am a pastor in Southwest Lower Michigan. Much of my ministry career has been in Northern Indiana where I was born and raised. I began this new venture because God has placed writing on my heart; not just any writing but writing that will speak to people where they are today and hopefully, address some of the needs not being met in today’s society.

Most of what you will read here come from past sermons, devotional writings and article published in local newspapers. These are simple articles meant to provide a bit of encouragement, uplifting, strengthening, coming from God’s word to speak to some of the issue we face in our world today.

New content will be added as time allows, but I will make every effort to add something new every week. I know this blog and its content will not be to everyone’s liking and I never intended for it to be that. This blog, the sermons and videos that are posted, have developed because God placed them on my heart. I preach and teach the truth of God from His word…the Bible. It is not my intent to intentionally offend or hurt anyone. That being said, I will not “sugar coat” or “water down” the truth I preach from God’s word. Please enjoy yourself as you explore. My God bless you through His word on these pages.

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